Sharing group expenses made easy with Partido

With Partido there will never be any financial disputes in your community, because in the app all residents have an overview of the common expenses and costs can be shared easily!

No complicated handwritten paper lists or tables where everything has to be evaluated by yourself. Partido shows you who is the next person to buy the toilet paper or who needs to get the next beer for the upcoming party.

Partido is also great for travel groups, groups of friends or couples. Simply create a group, invite users and share costs!

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Current Features

  • Multiple groups with one account
  • Clear dashboard
  • All invoices can be viewed quickly
  • Just one tap to create a new bill
  • Currency of a group freely selectable
  • Categorization of expenses

Coming Features

  • Budgets and group statistics
  • Appendices for expenditure

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We take your privacy seriously!

An user account is created to use the app. No unnecessary personal data is collected. You decide what information is stored and you have control over your data at all times! You can find further information on data protection in our Privacy Policy.