New dark mode for the Partido App

The Partido App now also has an automatic dark mode when your device is configured to use it. Android offers this option from version 10. If you have Android 9, you can try activating it through the developer options. More information on how to activate these options in Android 9 below.

In a future version of Partido it will be possible to change the design within the application so as not to be dependent on a system configuration.

Do you like the new dark mode of the Partido App? Or do you have ideas on how to improve the App even more for your needs? Simply contact me using the form on this page!

How to activate the developer options

Open the settings of your smartphone and select the menu “On the phone”. Select the item “Build Number” seven times.

Now you can go back to the initial settings page and open the developer options, where you should find an option “Dark mode”.