Partido Web App now available

The Partido App is now also available as a platform-independent web app!

For all users without an Android smartphone or for all those who also want to use Partido on their desktop PC: You can now access and use your common costs via any web browser!

The Partido Web App is currently optimized for mobile devices, which is of course not quite as nice looking in a large browser window. Overall, the app is still in the beta phase and will be further optimized for tablets and larger screens later.

In addition to use in any browser, the Partido Web App can also be “installed” as a PWA (Progressive Web App) on various devices. A web application is adapted to use on mobile devices like a normal app and integrated to offer the best possible user experience depending on the device used.

PWAs can therefore also appear as an “app” with its own icon on the home screen and in the app list of the smartphone, display push notifications or be available offline.

The Partido App (as a native app and as a web app) is currently not available offline and does not send any notifications when another group member makes an entry or something similar. These functions are planned for later!