FAQ – Groups

Table of Contents

How can I create a group?

To create a group, click on the groups icon at the top left of the Partido App and then click on the “Create” button on the appearing dialog.

How to enable/disable the join mode in a group?

When creating a new group, there is a section named “join mode” in the form. There you can enable or disable the join mode directly on group creation.

If you already created the group and you want to change the join mode status, open the group settings by clicking on the group info card on the Partido dashboard. This is the first card in the Partido app, that contains the name and description of the group.

How can I join a friend’s group?

To join an existing group you need a join code. Ask your friend to share his group’s join code if you don’t have one already.

Now you can open the groups dialog by clicking on the groups icon at the top right of the Partido App. After clicking on the “Join” Button and entering your join code, you’ll be added to the group. That’s it!

How can I leave a friend’s group?

To leave a group, all members in the group must have balances of zero. If not done yet, make a checkout first.

When all balances are settled up and zeroed, you can leave a group by clicking on the “Leave group” button in the group page where you also can settle up the group.

How can I delete a group?

Groups cannot be deleted explicitly with a delete button like entries in a group.

But if all users leave the group, it will be deleted automatically including all bills after the last member of the group leaves it.